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Bear Paws

With dark red edges, the fuzzy foliage of the bear paw (Cotyledon tomentosa) is squat and chubby with upper tips that resemble an animal foot or paw. The dark red appears when the plant is mildly stressed and makes the shape stand out, drawing attention to the attractive shrub-like plant


Caring For Bear Paws

1) Light: The bear claw cactus loves the bright light but not direct sunlight with ample airflow. Make sure to plant Tomentosa in a spot where it gets plenty of bright light for at least six hours a day

2) Water: These succulent plants like to be thoroughly watered during the summer months when the soil feels dry to the touch. However, be cautious when watering during the winter season as it tends to lose roots when in prolonged cold or wet soil

3) Soil: Being a native of South Africa, this plant grows the best in rocky quartz fields with excellent drainage offered by porous soil. To plant indoors, it is essential to use a container with at least one drainage hole at the bottom. Be sure to select the container, which is a bit larger as compared to the root system

4) Temperature: When it comes to temperature, the bear paw succulent thrives in warm climates with very mild winters. In this regard, it’s very similar to other succulents, cacti included. In practical terms, this means temperatures of about 68F to 82F (20C to 28C). Any temperature below 44F (7C) is inadvisable

5) Fertilizer: Feed this plant a light balanced all-purpose water-soluble fertilizer for succulents twice in a month during the growing months, typically during the summer


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