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Echeveria ‘Heart’s Delight’

Echeveria ‘Heart’s Delight’ is a beautiful succulent that forms a low-growing rosette of glaucous blue-green leaves with uniquely shaped bumps resembling a heart. The rosette grows up to 8 inches (20 cm) in diameter, usually solitary but may form a few offsets


Caring For Echeveria ‘Heart’s Delight’

1) Give your succulent plenty of bright light such as from a south window. Artificial light can be used to supplement day light.

2) Plant in a pot with drainage holes using well-draining soil such as peat soil mixed with plenty of perlite or pumice.

3) Water when soil is bone dry, and allow excess water to drip from drainage hole. Water should drain quickly, and soil should not stay moist and soggy.

4) If growing indoors, be sure to provide air circulation. Place a small fan in the room, or open a window nearby.


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