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Gonialoe Variegata ‘Tiger Aloe’


Gonialoe variegata, formerly known as Aloe variegata, is a small stemless succulent with 18 to 24 smooth dark green leaves with irregular light green banding and margins sporadically armed with tiny, white teeth. It grows up to 12 inches (30 cm) tall and 9 inches (23 cm) wide


Caring For Gonialoe Variegata ‘Tiger Aloe’

1) Light: One reason tiger aloe is a popular houseplant is that it tolerates shady conditions better than many other succulents. It is quite happy in partial shade, though full sun may lend your plant some reddish-brown coloring, adding to its vibrant beauty. If the plant turns brownish-red too quickly, give it some water as this can also be a sign of drought

2) Water: As with other succulents that store moisture inside their fleshy leaves, the tiger aloe needs water infrequently, when the soil becomes entirely dry to the touch. At that point, water deeply until the excess drains through the bottom of the pot. Too-frequent watering is the single worst thing you can do for these plants

3) Soil: In its native habitat, tiger aloe plants flourish in rocky outcroppings. So they’re not fussy at all about soil, except for requiring excellent drainage. A sandy, semi-dry loam mixture, such as that provided by commercial succulent/cactus potting mix, is perfect

4) Temperature and Humidity: The tiger aloe plant has a serious dislike for temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Consistent temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal

5) Fertilizer: Tiger aloe can thrive on just a single feeding with a diluted water-soluble balanced fertilizer in the spring. Don’t feed in the fall or winter because the plants have a natural tendency to be somewhat dormant during the winter months


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