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Haworthiopsis Tessellata


Haworthiopsis tessellata is said to be a common and very adaptable succulent plant. It is a stemless, slow-growing, evergreen plant, with stoloniferous roots, that can grow up to 150 mm high and 100 mm wide. It has sessile leaves, up to 50 mm long and up to 30 mm wide at the base


Caring For Haworthiopsis Tessellata

1) Light: Medium light is all that is needed for this plant. Direct sun will burn a Haworthia’s leaves. You will know the appropriateness of your light levels just based on the coloration of the leaves. H. tesselata will be green in low/medium light and brown/red in medium/bright light. Direct sunlight is not recommended

2) Water: Water deeply but only once the soil has dried out in the pot Haworthias will slow or stop growing during the summer and therefore do not require much water. Be sure to slow or stop watering during this time to prevent root rot

3) Soil: Organic Cactus mix that makes a good starter substrate, but be sure whatever you use consists of 30- 50% pumice or perlite.  Sand makes a good addition for drainage but avoid using fine sand that can compact the soil. Haworthia are best planted in shallow pots with ample drainage. You can actually grow your haworthia in straight pumice, but you would need to water and fertilize more often

4) Temperature and Humidity: Like most houseplants, this Haworthia will live happily in the same temperatures that we humans like to live in. It is natural for Haworthias to “shut down”, so to speak, in the heat of summer. During this shut down they slow down or completely stop growing which helps them endure the oppressive heat of South Africa in summer. Normal household humidity levels are completely appropriate.

5) Fertilizer: Dilute fertilizer by half. Apply fertilizer beginning in March as a general guideline. I personally use fertilizer in Spring and Fall, taking a rest from fertilizer in the Summer


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