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Jade Plant

Jade Plant. A branched, succulent shrub commonly grown indoors, jade plant features thick, woody stems and glossy green, fleshy, oblong leaves up to two inches long. Happily, this low-maintenance plant lives a long time, taking on the appearance of a miniature tree as it ages. And it’s very easy to propagate


Caring For Jade Plant

1) Light: They need full sun in order to grow properly

2) Soil: Jade plants need good drainage to prevent root rot. They will tolerate native soils that are rocky or sandy

3) Watering: Jade plants die far more often to overwatering than underwatering. Their fleshy leaves act as a water reservoir. Water thoroughly and allow to dry out completely in-between watering. Water every 7 to 14 days, more frequently in summer when the weather is warmer. Reduce watering in fall and winter when plants enter a period of semi-dormancy

4) Fertilizer: Jade plants are light feeders. Apply a mild all-purpose organic fertilizer in early to mid-spring when plants are coming out of semi-dormancy. Fertilize at half-strength every 1 to 2 months during the growing season


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