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Kalanchoe Luciae ‘Flapjack’

The Flapjack Succulent (Kalanchoe luciae) is also known as a Paddle Plant because of the paddle or clam-like shape of its leaves that form in rosette clusters. It’s a striking house plant that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. In the right conditions, this drought-resistant plant can also be grown outside


Caring For Kalanchoe Luciae ‘Flapjack’

1) Grow the flapjack succulent in bright sunlight, in a warm place, and keep the air relatively dry

2) The kalanchoe paddle plant grows best in sandy soil that has excellent drainage

3) Water the succulent only when the soil is dry

4) Keep in a temperature range between 60°F and 85°F (16°C – 29°C).



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