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Rats Tail

The rat tail cactus (Aporocactus flagelliformis) is a showy cactus native to southwestern Mexico and parts of Central America. It is distinctive for its long, trailing stems, which grow to about 4 feet at maturity and give the plant its nickname


Caring For Rats Tail

1) Light: This is a cactus that thrives in desert conditions: bright, direct sunlight year-round will help it thrive

2) Water: Water regularly during the growing season to keep the soil slightly moist. Reduce watering in the fall, tapering it off as you move toward winter

3) Soil: Rich potting soil is best: Any good organic potting mix should be just fine

4) Temperature: Regular room temperatures are just fine, particularly for the spring, summer, and fall. In winter, it helps to keep the plant in a relatively cool place to encourage a rest period; about 50 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal, but it doesn’t have to be that cold

5) Fertilizer: Feed your rat tail cactus liquid fertilizer diluted to about half strength about once every two weeks during the growing season in spring and summer



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