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String of Hearts Variegated

Variegated String of Hearts is a perennial succulent vine. Numerous heart-shaped leaves grow alternately on long dandy stems of the creeper. The green and white leaves appear with purplish to pink variegation near the edges. This pinkish hue goes deeper up to the back of leaves


Caring For String of Hearts Variegated

1) Light: String of hearts prefers bright indirect light. String of hearts will not survive in low light, and direct sun will scorch the leaves

2) Water: Water consistently. During the spring and summer, water once or twice a week. During the fall and winter when the plant is dormant, water every two weeks

3) Temperature: String of hearts requires warm temperatures. These plants thrive in temperatures of 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit

4) Fertilizer: Add fertilizer to encourage flower growth. String of hearts doesn’t need many nutrients, but if you want to encourage more flowers, you can fertilize your plant with a houseplant fertilizer once or twice a year during its growing season in the spring and summer


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