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Male opinion: why do you need old -fashioned courtship

Images of a brave knight and a beautiful lady – a stereotype from fairy tales or what you should strive for? Blogger James Michael herself is convinced: the ability to carefully care for men on his hand, helping to develop and become more successful.

Why do we try our best to impress a potential partner? Why return to the life of courtship? There are several reasons for this.

1. They allow you to build a strong relationship

It is traditionally believed that a man should take care of a woman. We are conquerors by nature. But I often hear the question: “Why do I need it?”If you do spectacular acts, only to get a reward, this is a false motivation that will not make you better. But the desire to do for the woman for a woman is something special to have two positive side effects.

  • A psychologically mature woman with self -esteem will be next to you, who accepts courtship only from those who treat her respectfully.
  • With her you can build a long relationship, create a family, because she has the necessary qualities for this.

2. They help to become more successful

These are selfless actions that we do for the sake of another person, not expecting anything in return. We make efforts to give someone joy to someone. In the process, we learn this person better, and we learn ourselves much better: what we strive for, what we are capable of, what we want.

We begin to better see and understand the world around, we realize what people need for happiness and how we can help. So we help ourselves: we establish useful connections, establish relationships, get new opportunities. And, of course, those around them are more readily offered help and support to those who help those in need.

3. They strengthen trust

Trust is one of the most important factors in relations, and its absence leads to collapse. Truly caring for a woman, a man lays the foundation of future relations. They do not arise on their own, they have a large amount of time and effort. It’s like building a house.

Relations built without trust and friendship is a house built in the sand. It can look good outside, but will not resist the bad weather. If a woman sees that you yourself want to lay a strong foundation of the relationship, she will have less doubt about the joint future. She will be sure of you.

4. They improve intimate life

Courtship helps to build a stronger emotional connection. If you started dating or decide to try the option of “friendship with privileges”, the connection will be weaker. What does sex have to do with it? The stronger the emotional connection, the stronger the physical, especially for women.

Intimate life is built not only on the physical attractiveness of a partner and similar preferences in bed. It depends more on whether you show each other affection with the help of romantic deeds and attention to the needs and desires of a loved one.

5. They will be the key

to success in search

Many of us are so fixed in search of the “ideal” in all parameters of a partner that they can skip the one who would be perfect for them. I often hear from men that women do not appreciate their efforts and this beats off any desire to continue. This is understandable, but it is more important to realize something else: if your efforts are repelled by a woman, then this is simply not your woman, and you are lucky to understand this immediately, and not after 20 years in the office of a divorce lawyer.

The person who suits you will appreciate all your efforts. The care process helps to understand whether we can build a future with this partner.

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