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Agave Potatorum ‘Shoji Raijin’

Agave potatorum ‘Shoji-Raijin’ is a small succulent that forms beautiful compact rosettes of fleshy dusty-blue leaves. It produces offsets to form a small clump. Rosettes grow up to 4.8 inches (12 cm) in diameter. Leaves have few short marginal spines and a reddish, slightly twisted terminal spine


Caring For Agave Potatorum ‘Shoji Raijin’

1) Light: All Agaves, including Agave Shoji Raijin, require direct sunlight, so it is best to place the plant in the window. In summer you can move it to the open balcony or veranda for sun exposure

2) Watering: These plants do not require frequent watering. In fact, you should only water this plant once the soil dries out fully and if the climate is quite dry as well. Make sure the plant has good drainage so that waterlogging does not occur, which will cause rot.

3) Temperature:  Agave Shoji Raijin plants tend to prefer a hot and dry climate

4) Soil: The soil of these plants should be well-draining so that no excess water gets left behind as this could lead to root rot

5) Fertilizer: You do not need to add fertilizer to the Agave Shoji Raijin plant too frequently during the growing season since the plant can derive sufficient nutrients even without it. You can, however, add a balanced and diluted fertilizer about once a year.


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