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Mother of Millions

Mother-of-millions are erect, smooth, fleshy succulent plants growing to 1 m or more in height. All species form tall flower spikes in winter with clusters of bell-shaped flowers. Each species has a distinctive leaf shape, but all produce small plantlets along the edges of the leaves


Caring For

1) Light: It’s important that your mother of millions receives 4-6 hours of bright light a day to keep the marbling pattern. With too little they can become leggy and pale

2) Water: Kalanchoe delagoensis doesn’t like wet feet. Wait until the soil is dry several inches down before giving it a drink, and always drain any excess from the pot

3) Temperature: The ideal temperature range for a mother of millions plant is between 60-95°F

4) Fertilizer: Fertilizing mother of millions is not a necessary part of their routine care, but monthly feedings during the spring and summer can stimulate growth

5) Soil: Kalanchoe delagoensis are not picky about soil, and are natively found growing in poor or infertile places. But ideally, they’ll do best in a loose, sandy, well-draining mix.

6) Repotting: Due to the fast-growth of mother of millions, they may need repotting every few years. Check the bottom for roots coming out of the drainage holes to know when it’s time.


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