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Aloe Juvenna ‘Tiger Tooth’


Aloe juvenna “Tiger Tooth Aloe” is a beautiful Aloe with white spots. The spiked leaves stack and form a rosette. When “happily stressed,” green leaves turn reddish-brown


Caring For Aloe Juvenna ‘Tiger Tooth’

1) Light: Aloe juvenna (Tiger Tooth Aloe) thrives in full sun or partial shade. They do not like being in the shade for long periods. They prefer low light conditions during the winter, which is when Aloe juvenna plants are slow-growing

2) Water: Water your Aloe juvenna succulents when the soil is completely dry to ensure that they are hydrated and moist. If you notice some of the lower leaves turning brown, then water them as soon as possible. This symptom means that there has been a lack of moisture in the soil for too long, which can lead to stress on the plant’s root system

3) Soil: The Tiger Tooth Aloe plant prefers soil that is porous and well-drained. This is because Aloe juvenna has a taproot. The soil should be well-drained and have good drainage to avoid overwatering problems. A cactus/succulent soil mix is recommended for Aloe juvenna

4) Temperature: The Aloe juvenna succulent plant thrives in a temperature range of 65-90 degrees Fahrenheit (18.33-32.22 Celsius)

5) Fertilizer: The Aloe juvenna succulent does not require fertilizer, but feeding your plants will result in healthier plants and encourage blooms. It’s best to fertilize your succulents in the spring and summer. Using a diluted liquid fertilizer is recommended


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