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Aloinopsis Rosulatum


Description: Aloinopsis rosulata is a low growing succulent plant with a rosette of thick leathery, spathulate (pug-like) leaves arising from a thick tap root up to 4 cm in diameter, the whole plant will only rice to 10 cm across. It is a wintergrower, and produces pale pink flowers sporting red midline stripes


Caring For Aloinopsis Rosulatum

1) Light: They are winter growers and need plenty of light.Most are somewhat too extremely cold-hardy and bloom in winter

2) Water: Aloinopsis is probably dormant in summer, so it is usually recommended not to water much in summer. Although Aloinopsis are better treated as winter growers, they will grow anyway in summer if given water

3) Soil: They prefer a very porpous potting mix to increase drainage.

4) Temperature: They can tolerate down to about 23 degrees Fahrenheit(-5 Celsius)


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