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Andromischus ‘Cristatus’



Caring For Andromischus ‘Cristatus’

1) Light: Crinkle-Leaf plants are sun-loving and only survive in warm temperatures

2) Water: Unlike other succulents, Crinkle-Leaf plants need a bit less water to thrive. It is best to wait until the soil is completely dry before watering your Crinkle-plant again. Typically, this can take up to one or two weeks, depending on the conditions in your home. During the winter, you should cut back on the water almost completely. You’ll probably have to water your plant once or twice in total during the cold season

3) Soil: Use a porous well-draining soil or bagged cactus soil mix for Adromischus cristatus

4) Temperature: If you live in an area that gets colder than 20°F (-6,7° C) during the cold season, it’s best to plant them in containers and bring them indoors during these months


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