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Kalanchoe Beharensis

Kalanchoe beharensis is an evergreen shrub, 3–5 ft (1–2 m) tall. The stem is about 1.5 m (4.9 ft) long, slender and knotted. Leaves are olive green, triangular-lanceolate shaped, decussately arranged (pairs at right-angles to each other) with leaf margins that are doubly crenate (crinkled)


Caring For Kalanchoe Beharensis

1) Light: Kalanchoe beharensis has an incredible tolerance for full sun exposure, but it grows well in partial sun as well. This quality gives us a lot of room to decide where to place it around the house. It will look attractive both indoors and outdoors, but one point to remember is that having too low a light is not suitable for its health

2) Water: Kalanchoe beharensis grows beautifully when you take care of it. Overwatering kills it, so caring for it means giving it water only when it is needed. To check if it is the right time to water, you can dig in the soil one inch deep and see if the soil is dry

3) Soil: The Elephant ear kalanchoe plant needs a well-draining soil mixture. You can make your own or get a ready-made mixture for the succulents or cactus from the market. It needs to be sand-based so that it drains fast

4) Temperature: Kalanchoe beharensis thrives in warm climates. In cooler regions, bring your plant indoors during winter to keep it warm and protected from frost or snow. If the temperature drops below 55° degrees Fahrenheit, the plant may start to show signs of distress

5) Fertilizer: Fertilizer is recommended. However, it isn’t required if the plant receives optimal sunlight and adequate water. If you do decide to add fertilizer, add it in the spring and summer


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