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Painted Echeveria


Unique succulent provides great contrast, with rosettes of absinthe green, vividly painted with red on margins and mid leaf. Coral-pink and yellow flowers appear atop tall bracts in summer


Caring For Painted Echeveria

1) Light: Painted Nodulosa does best with a combination of partial shade and full sun. It should ideally get a few hours of direct sunlight during the early morning or early afternoon sun. Protect the plant using shade from the harsher sunlight changes of a late afternoon

2) Water: Water occasionally, while the root system becomes established. Increase the frequency during the hot summer months. Like many varieties in the Echeveria genus the Painted Echeveria is drought tolerant

3: Soil: Grow painted Echeveria in a pot with a drainage hole and well-drained soil. Loam and sand work best. Transplant when needed. However, transplanting is best done during the warmer season. Before moving plants, make sure the soil is dry

4) Temperature: Painted Echeveria grows best in temperatures between 65° to 72° degrees Fahrenheit

5) Fertilizer: Echeveria Nodulosa is not a plant that needs regular fertilizing. You can fertilize them once a month using a cactus or succulent fertilizer


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