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Aloe Suprafoliata


Aloe suprafoliata is a hardy, solitary, stemless Aloe with a slightly spiraled twist. It is easily confused with A. pretoriensis when not in flower as it has similar bluish-green, red tipped leaves. The young leaves are two-ranked (hence the common name) and only form rosettes when mature


Caring For Aloe Suprafoliata

1) Light: Aloe suprafoliata prefers light shade exposure although it can grow in full sun. In winter they should remain at 5-10 ºC during the resting period

2) Water: Water moderately in spring and summer considering that they resist drought very well. When winter arrives, irrigation is suspended

3) Soil: The most important thing is that the soil drains well; They can be grown on poor, rocky, sandy terrain. Potting is done in the spring

4) Fertilizer: Fertilize with mineral fertilizer for cacti and succulents once in spring and again in summer


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