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Mammillaria Elongata


Mammillaria elongata is a succulent ground cover, forming with time a tight clumps of erect, ascending, prostrate or recumbent stems. This may be the most common Mammillaria to be found and occurs in more variations than any other Mammillaria species. It commonly comes in many colour and spine variations


Caring For Mammillaria Elongata

1) Light: This drought-tolerant succulent enjoys full sun and requires about six hours of bright sunlight each day. When planted indoors, it is best to keep it near a south-facing window. It can survive in partial shade as well

2) Water: Ladyfinger cactus is used to the typical watering methods. As it goes dormant in winters, watering once a month works great. During summers, you can water these plants once every week. It is recommended to use the soak & dry method as it ensures to avoid overwatering. If the soil feels dry while touching, there is no need to add water

3) Soil: Mammillaria elongata should be grown in well-drained soil or a rich cactus potting mix. Keep in mind to use a pot with drainage holes so that excess water can be drained out

4) Temperature: They grow in warm weather conditions. Thus, the ideal temperature range is between 18 to 30° C. If you live in areas with a minimum temperature of -6° C, consider planting this species indoors

5) Fertilizer: You can fertilize your ladyfinger succulent during its active growing season in the spring


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