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Ruby Necklace

Ruby Necklace, whose scientific name is Othonna capensis, is a trailing and fast-growing succulent plant. The plant is narrow and attractive due to its brightly colored stems and beautiful flowers. Its stems are thin and red or purple. Ruby Necklace is one of the rarest succulent plants on the planet


Caring For Ruby Necklace

1) Light: Othonna capensis likes to grow in full sun to partial shade outdoors. What does this translate to indoors? It means that you should provide as much light as you can indoors

2) Water: Water thoroughly and let excess water drain away completely. Water again only when the soil has completely dried out

3) Soil: A standard soil appropriate for succulents is perfect for Ruby Necklace. Excellent drainage is really important for the health of any succulent

4) Fertilizer: This plant is not a heavy feeder, but you should fertilize at least a couple times during the growing season. Use a fertilizer low in Nitrogen


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